Motor Start Capacitors

These MMC series capacitors are now being widely used as a replacement of Electrolytic Motor Start Capacitor.

Major Values (µF):

40-60 µF

60-80 µF

80-100 µF

100-120 µF

120-150 µF

150-200 µF

200-250 µF

250-300 µF

300-400 µF







Technical Specifications




 Motor Start Capacitor

 Ref Standard


 Electrical Ratings:


 Rated Voltage



 Rated Capacitance


 30-150 µF

 Rated Frequency



 Capacitance Tolerance



 Test Data:


 AC Test Voltage Terminal To Terminal


 1.2 x Rated Voltage

 Insulation Voltage between Terminal &  Container


 2000 V

 Design Data:


 Case Material


 Plastic Case






 Polyurethane Resin



 Flexible Wire & Tag Terminals

 Climatic Parameter:


 Temperature Limit min/max



 Test Duration






  • General Purpose motors
  • A.C. Single Phase Motors
  • Submersible Panels